8 easy ways to make money on Fiverr starting today

Easy ways to make money on Fiverr

In this post we look at 8 easy ways to make money on Fiverr, that you can get started with today! You'll also learn how to optimize your Fiverr gigs, so that they'll make more money, and you'll find out how to attract more buyers.

I first discovered Fiverr way back in 2013, when I purchased a 20 minute voice over for just $5! How awesome was that! But times have changed, and you can no longer get big gigs this cheap. This is bad news for the buyers, but great news if you want to make money on Fiverr!

What is Fiverr?

Although Fiverr has become super popular of late, I know this will be the first time some of you guys have heard of the platform. If you have no idea what it is, you'll be really pleased to hear that it's an awesome place to make money!

Fiverr is basically an online marketplace that anybody can signup to, so that they can sell freelance services to users around the world.

Buyers are able to browse a massive selection of services that freelancers offer (know as gigs), and easily place orders with a single click.

The name Fiverr comes from the websites' original goal of selling services for just $5. Like I said, times have changed since Fiverr was launched in 2010, and gigs can now be priced from as little as $5, all the way up to thousands of dollars.

Easy ways to make money on Fiverr

Many business owners, content creators, bloggers, and marketers simply don't have the time to complete certain tasks. They will turn to Fiverr to find a solution, and this is a great money making opportunity for you.

Although you can charge as much as you want on Fiverr, I suggest keeping the prices low. The average user will buy the cheapest gig that they can find, so create $5 gigs, but add optional extras that will cost extra on top.

There are some super easy ways to make money on fiver, and most can be ran as a side hustle in your spare time. So let's look at the top 10 ways that you can start selling your services on Fiverr today.


How much can you earn: charge from $25 for a 1000 word order.

I think we can all agree that getting paid to simply talk into a microphone is pretty awesome!

People use voice over artists for all kinds of things including documentaries, audio books, advertisements, and YouTube videos. And you can earn $5 for reading just 100 words!

Bigger projects can make a lot more money. For example, 1000 words will earn you around $25. The average person can read through 1000 words in 6 minutes, so you can see that this really is an easy way to make money.

Voice over can easily be turned into a full time income, with most gigs on Fiverr costing over $1000 for a 75,000 word audio book gig.

You will need to spend a little money to start selling voice over gigs on Fiverr. People will be using the work you produce for professional products, so you need to keep the quality high.

make money on Fiverr

I recommend you use a good quality microphone, and eliminate any background noise by soundproofing the room that you'll use for recording. There's nothing worse than poor quality audio, so don't create your gig until you are completely happy with the sound quality.

When you're ready to start selling, simply record a voice over demo to show users what you have to offer, and add it to your gig as a sample. This is a high demand gig, so if your samples are good you should start getting orders pretty fast.


How much can you earn: charge $30 for 2 concepts

Business cards can easily be created with ready made templates. You can design them from scratch, or offer to place the company's existing logo onto the card, with your own little twist.easy fiverr gigs to make good money

You can offer various packages to buyers, for example: you can offer a basic package of 2 Concepts and print ready files. Or how about a premium package of 4 concepts, editable files, and a logo included in the price.

Business cards can be created with a basic vector graphics editor, and I recommend getting a good font pack to compliment your designs.


How much can you earn: charge from $35 per design

All companies and websites need a good logo, so this is another great gig, but there will be a lot of competition.

Don't let the competition scare you though, if you're full of great ideas then a logo will be very quick and easy to create.

All you'll need is a basic vector graphics editor, and you'll be able to offer various packages, from minimalist designs, to more complex 3D logos.

I've used various logo creators on Fiverr, and if I'm honest, I've never been to impressed with what I've received. Nonetheless, these people have good ratings, and lots of happy customers, so this tells me that many people aren't to fussy when it comes to their logo.

Just because there are some poor logo designers, that doesn't mean that you should offer up any old crap though. But the fact that there are some poor logo designers means that you can easily dominate this category is you produce quality logos.

Always aim to produce awesome quality work, as these logos will be the first thing people see when they visit businesses and websites.


How much can you earn: charge from $20 per design

EBooks are still very popular, and although authors love writing the main content, many struggle to create a cover. The same applies to music artists, they can create the music, but most will need help with their album or mixtape covers.

You'll need good graphics and design software, and the ability to come up with some creative designs. The cover will often be the thing that sells the product, so good quality work is super important.

You can offer various packages, such as a basic cover package, then add upgrades for the rear design and spine, 3D images, and commercial use licenses.


How much can you earn: charge from $20 per 1000 words

Proofreading and editing services are required for many reasons.

  • Bloggers will hire proofreaders as they often lack the time needed to read through their posts.
  • Authors will also hire proofreaders and editors to check their work before publishing.
  • And business owners may require proofreading and editing of emails that aren't in their first language.

fiverr ideasAll you'll need is a way of reading these files, which can be done with any computer of device; but be sure that you specify what format you want to receive the files in.

Make sure your grammar and punctuation are on point so that you can reliably correct mistakes. And don't rely on automatic online spellcheckers, or online grammar and punctuation checkers, as they are completely useless.


How much can you earn: charge $100 per 2500 word article

Business owners and bloggers are always looking for people to write articles for their websites. Articles are one of the top ways of attracting people to a website, so this is an important part of any business.

Writers will always be in demand, so this is a great gig to offer on Fiverr. You can offer a range of options, such as 500 word gigs for 10 dollars, all the way up to 3000 word SEO focused articles for $200.

You can also offer to upload finished articles directly to your buyers website, and add custom images, tags, and an SEO focused title. This could be your premium package that costs extra.

You can get started with this immediately, as all you'll need is a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone with basic writing software. Simply write the article using word or notepad, and send the completed file to the buyer.


How much can you earn: charge $30 per basic package.

making easy money on fiverrHere's a fun gig for anybody who has a camera!

Online store owners need good quality photos for their product listings on eCommerce sites, and for websites like Amazon and eBay. But many store owners aren't able to take good enough photos themselves.

Create a product photography gig, and let sellers send you their products for you to photograph for them.

Create a basic package for 1 product photo, with a plain white background. Then create additional packages for specific backgrounds, multiple photos of the product, and even background removal; which can be done with good vector graphics software.

Being a professional photographer helps, but it's certainly not necessary. Just add some quality sample photos to your gig, so that buyers can see your work is on par with the quality that they're expecting.

Don't forget that you will need to send the product back when you've finished taking photos of it. Tell your customers that they will need to send you a prepaid postage label with the product so you can get it back to them.


How much can you earn: charge from $10 per basic design.

Whether it's birthday parties, weddings, stag and hen dos, or anniversaries, people will always need invitations to hand out to their friends.

You can create templates that will speed up the design process of basic packages, or design the invitation from scratch for premium customers.

If the invitations are for an event where people will be expecting to receive gifts, like weddings or birthdays, you could include a thank you card in with the premium package option.

Again, invitations can be made with very basic software, and with a little imagination and creativity you could make a lot of money!

Optimize your Fiverr gig to make more money.

When people search Fiverr for a particular keyword or category, the gigs they see in the results depend on how well the seller has SEO (search engine optimized) the gig.

The Fiverr search engine works fairly basically, so optimizing your gigs can be done very easily.


Your main keyword will be the service that people are searching for. So if you're creating logos, your keyword could be "logo design." Make sure this keyword is in the title of the gig, and as close to the beginning of the title as possible.

You can also add a secondary keyword, as people may be searching other terms like "logo creation" for example. So your title could start with the words – Logo design and creation.

The title should focus mainly on the primary and secondary keyword, but bare in mind that Fiverr will not allow you to "keyword stuff" your titles, as this would give you an unfair advantage of ranking highly.

When you write your main description, you should add your keyword into it as much as possible. And you can also add your keyword into your sample images and videos to help your rankings.


You can add up to 5 tags when creating your gig. Be sure to make the most of these tags, as they will help your gig rank for different keywords.

Find every keyword that people are typing in and add them as tags. You can do this by typing into the search bar, and waiting for suggestions to pop up as you can see in the image below.

easiest ways to make money on fiverr

So if you're selling logos, your tags could be:

  • Logo
  • Logo design
  • Logo creation
  • Logo minimal
  • Logo business


Fiverr has a rating system where buyers can leave a review, and rate your gig from 1 - 5 stars. If you receive lots of 1 star reviews then your rankings will most definitely suffer.

It's important to get as many 5 star ratings as possible, so when you first start selling on Fiverr, be sure to set your prices a little lower, and produce your highest quality work.

To kick things off, you can throw your friends and family some cash to purchase your gigs, so that they can leave you some positive feedback. This will have an immediate affect on your gigs, helping you to move up the rankings.


In my experience, sharing my gig on other sites seems to help. I believe Fiverr likes to see other sites linking to your gigs, so share them on forums, blogs, social media, and your own website if you have one.

Getting better results on Fiverr

When your gig is search optimized, you'll still want people to choose your gig, instead of the other gig that's offering the same service right next to it.

There are a few ways that you can make your gig stand out from the rest:

Ad a gig video: Fiverr have said that gigs that contain a video, convert almost 300% better than those that don't have a video. So be sure to add a descriptive video to all of your gigs.

Use sample images: Make sure you ad as many high quality sample images as possible, so that buyers can see what they'll be getting. Gigs without images won't attract any buyers at all.

Offer fast delivery: People don't like to wait, and they want their orders as fast as possible. So set your delivery times to one day to start with. This will make your gig show up higher if buyers are sorting the results by the fastest delivery times.

When you've received a few orders, and your gig starts to attract more buyers, you can add one day delivery as a premium option to make a little more money. Buyers will often choose this package even if this costs them extra.

Go and make easy money on Fiverr!

The good thing about Fiverr is that you can add multiple gigs. So if you fancy trying more than one of these ideas, then they can all be listed on one profile.

There's thousands of sellers on Fiverr, and a massive list of gigs in each category. By adding multiple gigs you increase your chances of being discovered by buyers, and you'll also make a lot more money!

If you have multiple gigs, be sure to link to the ones that are in a similar category. You can then cross-promote them to bring you even more sales.

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