Welcome to Income Dork! This website was started as a resource for anybody looking to increase their income. You'll find tips and information on everything from starting a new side hustle, through to starting your own high income business and quitting the day job.

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Hi, my name's Darrell! I started my own engineering business way back in 2007, and I quickly realised that although I was earning more than most of my friends, I still wasn't earning enough to enjoy my life.

Being stuck in small a workshop, bent over a machine with a loud extractor running for 8 - 10 hours everyday really wasn't my idea of fun. I had to break free of this, so I started looking for new ways of making money.

I soon discovered that I could make all of the money I needed right from my computer, and the best part – I could make passive income! Income that would flow into my bank every day for work that I did months, and even years earlier.

I started a YouTube channel in 2012 that grew a massive subscriber base, built multiple successful niche websites, wrote an eBook that sold thousands of copies, published a paperback, and studied every money making idea I came across.

It didn't happen super fast to begin with, but over the next year my bank balance was increasing and I found that I had lots more spare time on my hands.

Never content, I decided to also get into property, so bought a house from my family in 2016 for $153,000. With all the extra time I now had, I was able to flip the house and almost triple my money.

With all of my money making knowledge I felt more than qualified to start giving advice, and creating valuable digital courses for people who want to break free of the daily grind. And that's why I started income Dork.

Every post on this website is written by myself, and they cover all of the money making ideas that I've found valuable throughout the years.

I also work alongside the most knowledgeable freelancers to create digital courses, that will teach you everything you'll need to know about your chosen subject. These courses are very in depth and you can get previews of each on YouTube (links coming soon).

Enjoy your time with the Income Dork, I hope you find this website helpful!